About Us
About Us

Gulf Wings Travel ... Since 1976

Who we are

We are a travel agency in Dubai, UAE with a family tradition, customizing each and every one of the trips that each of our clients deserve, providing the best travel experience for our clients. We are focused on creating experiences that are useful, delightful, and a little bit magical. Because we believe that travel makes the world a better place — for everyone. Our company is committed to providing the best travel experiences possible. We are authorized by the Department of Tourism and Marketing in Dubai, which means we have proven our commitment to following the industry’s best practices.


What we do 

We believe that today’s travel experiences are designed for every day, but are consumed at special moments.  Our purpose is to create more of those moments for travelers, and more of the moments from those travels for our partners.  Every view captured, every insight gained, and every experience shared builds on our understanding of what it means to connect a traveler to the door of their journey.

How we do it 

We developed a platform that allows us to match travelers and partners. We use cutting-edge security technology to protect all of your personal information. Our team is both experienced and recognized by industry experts, and we are connected to a wide network of partners. We are here to help you with all of your planning needs for a memorable experience – our only goal is to make sure that you have the best possible experiences.